Two-way intelligent HDMI2.0 switcher, two in and one out 4K*2K

Short Description:

This two-way smart switch is both a two-in and one-out HDMI switch and a one-in and two-out HDMI splitter. A high-definition 4K audio and video splitter that can distribute two HDMI ports from one HDMI port, or a high-definition 4K audio and video switcher that can be input from two HDMI ports and output from one HDMI port, just through the buttons on the product, you can easily Realize the conversion between the switcher and the distributor. It can make the HDMI signal of high-definition TV set-top boxes, DVD players, D-VHS projectors and other HDTV devices distribute two consistent and synchronized HDMI signal outputs. The single-channel signal output by the user can be connected to audio-visual equipment such as high-definition projectors, DLP, and LCD high-definition televisions at the same time. And it complies with the HDMI2.0 standard, supports the 3D function of the HDMI1.4 version, and is compatible with the HDCP protocol. It can also display 3D output with 2160 vertical pixels, and supports 3D devices such as Blu-ray and PS3. Make the wonderful 3D world within reach.

Product Detail


Connector Type

support system all
Resolution 3840*2160
Remote wakeup Support remote wakeup
Power management Support power management
Line length 1 meter)
Purpose HDMI signal distribution and switching
OEM OEM available
Processing methods OEM processing
Fastest shipping time 1-3 days
Whether to support drop shipping support
After-sales service Three packs of store
packing list Switcher + manual + white box packaging
Interface HDMI2.0
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand no
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Switch mode Manual

Applicable equipment

For digital high-definition televisions with HDMI interfaces, plasma displays, LCD displays, set-top boxes, DVD players, Blu-ray players, digital camcorders, audio/video receiving devices, home video, satellite systems, Xbox360, PS/3 playback The connection between the projector and the projector system, signal amplification, multi-screen conversion, multi-screen selection.

Product performance

This two-way intelligent HDMI2.0 splitter switch has many features and excellent performance. Among these features you will find:

1. Support 2 HDMI signal sources (DVD player or PS3), 1 HDMI display device or TV;
2. Support 1 HDMI signal source (DVD player or PS3), 2 HDMI display devices or TV;
3. Support the connection between the splitter and the splitter, through the stacking method, the number of HDMI output ports can be significantly increased;
4. With signal buffering and amplification capabilities, it can easily switch between any 2 channels of 4K HD HDMI signals;
5. Support to extend all HDMI devices by regenerating HDMI signals;
6. Support 3D high-definition video, high-quality, clear, HDTV resolution up to 4K*2K;
7. Fully comply with HDMI2.0 standard, compatible with HDMI1.4 version, support CEC, compatible with HDCP;
8. No external power supply is required, working current: 15mA;
9. Using AWG26 HDMI standard cable, the input transmission distance can reach 5 meters, and the output transmission distance can reach 5 meters;
10. Manual electronic switch selection, 2 LED indicators for working port display, 3 HDMI connection ports, the corresponding indicator light is on when working;
11. HDMI input and output interface: HDMI Type A 19-pin female;
12. Quick installation, simple operation, plug and play, fashionable design, exquisite and compact, easy to carry.

Product size

52*49*20mm (length*width*height)

Net weight 35 grams

Outer shell Black iron shell

Packing List 1 two-way smart HDMI2.0 switch, 1 white box packaging

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